Ukrainian Village Fest “Uniting for Ukraine”

August 31, 2022
Mariya Petukhova

The report we’ve all been waiting for.

Mariya Petukhova and Sergey Rozhok and I spent two days at the ‘Uniting for Ukraine’ 2022 Ukrainian Village Fest, collecting money to support units of the Armed Forces of the Kharkiv region.

First of all, I want to thank the festival organizer Marta Kozbur for the permission to join the fair for free and help in the organization. 💙💛

Sincere thanks to our craftsmen (Kharkov-Lviv-Chicago) who donated their talented works for fundraising. Your products are always out of competition! Olga Shevchuk, Olga Limonova, Voloshko Karina, Olya Voloshko, Stanislav and Olena Pylypenko – these names are now known not only in Ukrainian Chicago, but also in other states. ‘Petrikivki’ by Maria Petukhova have already become a hit of summer 2022, and this time Masha has prepared a new design with sunflowers🌻

I especially want to thank Lyudmyla Hamlin. Mrs. Lyuda provided us with a tent and a table. And she also handed over for sale a real treasure – illustrated albums of photo reproductions ‘Ukrainian sacred art’.

Thanks to everyone who visited us and supported us!

The result of our combined efforts is $3549 🇺🇦

The money will be given to our volunteers Olga Shevchuk, Olga Dun, Tatyana Kharlan, according to the requests of the units they care for.

The money will also go towards the purchase of military winter sleeping bags and taktmed.

Join in! Let’s bring our Victory closer together! 🇺🇦

A separate post will be about Lisa, our little helper. Don’t switch.