The needs are vast and ever changing. The destruction is substantial. Number of people impacted is huge. The supplies needed are not cheap either and then there are shipping costs. We need your support. Without it there is not much we can do. We accept donations via all main platforms and if you rather cut a check - please, do.

  • Use or simply click the button on the right – it will take you to the PayPal payment page or open the mobile app

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  • Use the handle @Mirror-Stream. Alternatively, scan QR code or click the button on the right to get to the Venmo payment page or open the mobile app ( USA ONLY )

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  • Send money via your online banking app to

  • Beneficiary:
    • The Mirror Stream NFP
    • 2304 Massachusetts Ave
    • Naperville IL 60565
    Bank of beneficiary:
    • JP Morgan Chase Bank
    • SWIFT code/ BIC: CHASUS33
    • Account 857915182
  • Write check to the order of The Mirror Stream NFP. Mail to 2304 Massachusetts Ave, Naperville, IL 60565

In addition, you can purchase our merchandise. Most of it was created by craftswomen in Ukraine. All of it celebrates Ukrainian tradition and design.