Personal Delivery to Kharkiv – Detailed Report

June 30, 2022
Mariya Petukhova

Dear friends

Apologies I am behind on reporting. Here is what your donations got us and what I am taking with me on Sunday:

Stifneck Select Cervical Collar – 50

Abdominal Bandage – 8″ Wide w/ 12×12″ Pad – 50

HyFin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack – 40

HyFin Vent Compact Seal Twin Pack – 50

4″ Emergency Trauma Bandage – 50

Special thanks to Alexandra Drapkin who collected and donated $1,100 towards this purchase. The other ~half was donated by

Andrey Gudzinskiy

Oleg Raskin

Lenka Penka

Val Syganevich

Sabina Levine

Olga and Sergey Rozhok

Varun Devulapalli

Anton Bondarenko

Thank you all so much!

I am also taking a few tactmed items that were purchased by medics on the front lines, namely:

wet-jel burning dressings – 28

med backpacks by TT, size L – 3 (had to ship one – they are like 10 lb each)

decompression needles – 8

I am also taking with me 11 decompression needles donated by Tamara Nabatov (thank you so much!).

We have also paid for 12 IFAKs thanks to Alexandra Drapkin (again), Yevgen Tymofyeyev, Olga Rozhok and team, and Rob Giese.

Our J5 partners were kind as always and released all 30 IFAKs to me. They have already been shipped to Kharkiv and since then we have collected money for at least 4 more IFAKs, thanks to

Alexandra Drapkin (again!)

Ninel Salei

Nick Wiatrack

I have sold (thanks to Olga Rozhok) 20 necklaces that covered some of these costs as well as shipping costs of parcels via Meest.

Thank you all again and again for your support. Please share about the necklaces (earrings are now available too!) with your network.