Donations on Hand Inventory. Need Help with Shipping to Ukraine

Coats, Boots, Meds, and Baby Food

December 14, 2022
Mariya Petukhova

It’s early Wednesday. Wednesday is a shipping day whenever we have what to ship and the funds to cover so I took inventory of the donations on hand.
The coats and boots are an echo of my call on Nextdoor a couple months ago. The volunteers told me they are still needed so I keep accepting them. I have just received the individual doses of meds for IFAKs from our partner, Eric Jones from J5 Rescue Supply LLC. Cant thank him and his company enough for everything they do.
The formula and PediaSure came from a pediatric nurse of Ukrainian heritage who saw my posts on Nextdoor and decided to reach out. She said she can donate more, “but it’s so heavy, will you be able to ship it?” I don’t know. Without money donations I won’t. But these are all needed things in Ukraine.
People from deoccupied territories got nothing left. Clothes, boots, and baby food is for them. Meds are needed on the front line. This packaging allows quick and easy access in the dire conditions.
Also, I have received an email from the local private pharmacy. As you can see, they have prepared a load of children’s Tylenol and expecting seasonal meds for us from their vendors. I need financial support to move all this treasure to Ukraine.

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